Sites Using the Free the Museum Philosophy

Still unsure about whether an online WYSIWYG editor platform is right for you? Check out these other sites built using the Free the Museum Philosophy. All of these sites were built on one of the WYSIWYG editors mentioned on this website, and all are now maintained by their owners, who range from a historical fiction writer to an economist and Single Tax advocate.


Time to build and maintenance counts do not include content generation, only time spent designing and constructing the site. Maintenance times vary with the variety of online activity (e.g., collecting donations, blogging, using a forum).

Institution: Arden Craft Shop Museum




Platform: Weebly


Site Pages: 65


Time to Build: 3 hours


Maintenance: 1 hour/month

Institution: Henry George Academy




Platform: Weebly


Site Pages: 49


Time to Build: 1.5 hours


Maintenance: 1 hour/month

Institution: KB Inglee




Platform: Weebly


Site Pages: 42


Time to Build: 1 hour


Maintenance: 0.5 hours/month

Institution: Newlin Grist Mill




Platform: Wix


Site Pages: 110


Time to Build (estimated): 15 hours


Maintenance: 8 hours/month